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OPTIMUM THINKING Workshop Series Information

OPTIMUM THINKING FOUNDATION WORKSHOP – Activating Self-Leadership       


OPTIMUM THINKING presents The Demartini Method®


Watch and listen to what participants have said about the benefits they received...

Participants share the benefits they received from attending:

"Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring Level 1. It was delivered in the most understandable method which resonated so well with me. All of the content was delivered with optimum excellence and detail. I have learnt stuff in a few minutes which was not understandable for the last two years. I am grateful to finally understand how to balance my thinking." 

Sonny S

"Realising that I am where I am supposed to be “at this moment” in my life was my light bulb moment. This has allowed me to ease up on myself and enjoy where I am at with my life. Understanding how certain aspects that I don’t like and value in my position at work actually give me the skills to be able to support my family and friends which are one of my highest life values."

Kelley O

"It was a good opportunity to reflect on my life priorities and to think about how consistent the way I am living my life is with my life priorities. I particularly liked that the presentation was not overly slick and superficial, and that there was depth and critical thinking involved in your approach."

David H

"The areas I have lost empowerment and what that means to me going forward. I was lucky to have my wife attend also and to see her life priorities so I know what her drivers are."

Jason K

"Sharing this with my husband and the conversations that are continuing now with him and workmates around highest life priorities. Linking my highest life priorities to work has really changed how I approach tasks."

Karen S

"I really enjoyed the part about life priorities and understanding that we as individuals have our own. I did not know what values meant beforehand. It became clear when I attended this workshop.
I like what I found out about myself and to speak about things by breaking them down."

Raila C

"To see what my highest life priorities are at this point in my life and to realise that other people come from their own highest life priorities. And to then understand why and how these affect the way we interact with one another. That these can change as our lives change and we can address areas where we are not empowered."

Averil E

"The pace and content were amazing. Delivery was simple and discussions were very interesting. I found myself clearing more of my vision and purpose, which got me thinking more about me. Keen to be able to implement the knowledge and also create more interesting conversations. I have now got more soft skills, which will be implemented in my business/ family/ spiritually/ socially/ financially."

Waheeda A

"Although I have used a gratitude journal for many years, I found the structure and design of this book very powerful - I intend using it with my family. The simple explanations of some of the principles were also very powerful and help to make the omnipresent laws previously learnt easier to understand."

Scott C

"It helped me understand I am responsible for everything that happens in my life. I am the one creating and adding meaning to my life. It has opened my mind and eyes and taught me how to live life from today onwards. I am open to learning and expanding my knowledge. I also enjoyed learning about overdog and underdog. I realized how long I have let myself be an underdog and from this course I am able to learn that even letting yourself be underdog has its benefits too. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop!"

Ruby W

"Having done many different programs, I must say that this has been the most effective, simple and easy to understand training for me. Nothing was complicated. In fact, what has previously been complicated and time consuming has been delivered in such a simple and easy format anyone can “get it”. The knowledge both Manmeet and Helene have is life changing and inspiring. It’s definitely branded in the right way, because Optimum Thinking is exactly what you get.” 

Vinny P

"I was absolutely blown away by the methods I was taught today! The journal is just such an amazing idea and I will be using it now on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Optimum Thinking to anyone wanting a life change." 

Rokky S14


Activating Self-Leadership

1 Day

In this workshop we assist YOU to Empower Your Own Life so that you can develop new emotional mastery skills to live your Optimum Life.

If you’ve ever wanted to:

  • Discover why you do certain behaviours and how to change them whenever you desire
  • Learn the secrets to activating self-leadership and improve your self-esteem through a deeper understanding of it
  • How to create more clarity in your life so that you’ll have greater vitality and fulfillment
  • Develop powerful skills to master your emotions to reduce embarrassment and achieve more in your personal and professional life
  • Enhance all of your relationships

Join us in this self-activation leadership workshop, Optimum Thinking Foundation Level.

As a bonus, you will receive a workbook and copy of The Inspired Life Journal - 366 Days, when you attend. This journal is designed to:
• Help you stay on your life path
• Live a life of daily gratitude
• Challenge your one-sided thinking 
• Become more emotionally flexible and resilient
• Develop a daily practice that leads you to master Optimum Thinking

Empower yourself today with knowledge and tools that will help you accelerate your achievement for the rest of your life!

Enrol today into OPTIMUM THINKING Activating Self-leadership to empower yourself with:

  • The 7 Elements of Optimum Thinking so that you can activate your self-leadership and self-governance
  • Absolute clarity on what you really want in your life and career along with the action steps to achieve it.
  • The Master Key to communication and empowering relationships within your personal and professional life.
  • The most powerful questions to ask that create paradigm shifts to reduce stress and increase your vitality.
  • A performance boosting strategy to help you enjoy work and life on a higher level.

Scroll to the top of this page and book in to Ensure Your Place. Accelerate your achievement and sense of fulfilment with the Optimum Thinking Foundation Level!

All participants receive a
personal workbook and
copy of The Inspired Life
Journal - 366 Days


Emotional Mastery                           

2 Days

For those who have attended Optimum Thinking Foundation Level, this is the next step in your personal development journey to assist YOU in empowering Your Own Life.

During the first workshop you covered the major theories and concepts.

Optimum Thinking Advanced Level is about embracing the next level of awareness and skills and then practice and repetition until you master the work and are able to integrate and empower yourself emotionally in any scenario.

Some of what you will discover in OPTIMUM THINKING Advanced Level:

  • powerful additional questioning processes to ask that create powerful paradigm shifts that reduce stress and boost your vitality
  • additional tools for your Mastery Toolkit including a review and additional format for how to develop your skills for shifting your priorities
  • what self-leadership and self-governance really are and how to develop both
  • How to apply and practise emotional mastery skills you can use in ALL areas of your life
  • The secret to finally STOP screwing up important relationships in your life
  •  The Optimum method to deepen your understanding of conscious goal achieving and action taking
  • A powerful strategy to embrace the practical tools for daily use to enhance your personal and professional results
  • a focus on Moment Optimization to see the perfection in events and appreciate life
  • How to Increase your personal and professional value and potential so that you can unlock opportunities previously not available
This workshop is about helping to develop your Optimum Thinking to create and achieve optimum results in your work and life!

If you have ever wanted to:

  • Have more vitality, clarity of vision and sense of purpose
  • A new resourceful way to approach challenges at work and in life
  • A clearer mind and strategies for stopping "brain junk" from entering your mind
  • A feeling of freedom from your burdens in professional and personal life
  • A chance to interact and learn from like-minded people who want to accelerate their results in life!

Book at the Top of This Page and Ensure Your Place!


The Demartini Method®

The Demartini Method® developed by Dr John Demartini, is a scientific process that balances perceptions and emotions.

It is being used professionally by thousands of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, educators, consultants and health professionals across the world.

The Demartini Method® is a tool with 1000 uses for empowering and inspiring your life. Its applications include reducing stress, resolving conflict and creating new perspectives and paradigms for life.

Optimum Thinking presents The Demartini Method® will become a cornerstone of your professional and personal emotional mastery.

Once you have mastered The Demartini Method® you will be able to:

  • Transform relationship issues – personal or professional
  • Stop playing ‘broken records’ in your mind
  • Diffuse anger so that you stay in conscious control and improve your vitality
  • Own the tools to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Alleviate fears so that you can achieve more
  • Relieve grief and loss so that you can live in the present and create a better future for yourself
  • Redirect negative energy to achieve positive results

At the end of this workshop you will leave having more vitality, a clarity of vision and sense of purpose.

You will also discover a new resourceful way to approach challenges with a clearer mind and strategies for stopping brain noise along the way.

Watch this short video of Dr John Demartini explaining his cutting edge process.

The Demartini Method®


You must have attended Optimum Thinking Foundation and Advanced Levels or completed an Optimum Thinking coaching program or attended a Breakthrough Experience to enrol. The first workshops contained the major theories and introductory skills – this one takes things to an even deeper level of understanding.

Our goal is to help you develop your Optimum Thinking to achieve your optimum life!

Questions or More Info: If you have any questions and would like to speak to Helene in person please call - 0417 743 367 or email HK@OptimumThinking.net

Optimum Thinking for Wealth Creation

….is a very hands-on workshop designed to empower people with a new level of thinking that allows them to proactively manage their own performance around wealth creation.

Most of us are not taught about money when we are at school and making and managing wealth is a course of study that we should all undertake. It is one of the most important subjects NOT taught.

If you think you cannot afford to attend this course, then you are the person who definitely needs to attend most. If you believe it’s time to value yourself enough to attend, you will learn, how to capitalise on your current wealth building strategy and make it even more powerful.

During the workshop, you will discover how understanding your Highest Individual Life Priorities (HILP) and beliefs affects decisions you make daily around Wealth Creation. As you gain clarity around your unconscious thinking and how it shows up in your actions and behaviours, you are able to unlock the key to working out how to implement change to improve your financial results.

You will be able to identify your own HILP and discover how to change your hierarchy to obtain things in your life or business that may be eluding you.

Effective management of your HILP is a major success factor to better planning and development of financial success strategies.  You will also have the opportunity to uncover your own rules around money that dictate how you operate financially.

The more you understand how you operate at an unconscious level, the easier it is to pro-actively create the financial prosperity you desire.

BOOK NOW and ensure your place!

Practice doesn’t make perfect … perfect practice makes perfect!

Join other like-minded Optimum Thinkers and continue investing in your most precious asset – YOU!

Please Note Optimum Thinking for Wealth Creation has prerequisites: To ensure you achieve maximum benefit from attending this workshop, you must have completed Optimum Thinking Foundation Level.

What can you expect to learn and gain from attending the workshop?

• Highest Individual Life Priorities (HILPs) and how they are they are the master keys to getting what you want in life
• How HILPs and beliefs affect a person’s financial results
• The process to determine what your HILPs really are
• The impact HILPs and beliefs have as they drive everything people do
• An effective process for changing HILPs and beliefs to improve wealth creation
• A detailed plan to move forward towards financial independence
• Understanding of financial planning tools, how to use them and how they will benefit you
• A clear picture of where you are today and how to get where you want to go financially

This very hands-on, 2-day workshop is designed only for people wanting to:

  • Improve their results in the area of wealth creation
  • Get out and stay out of debt
  • Manage the stress financial challenges bring
  • Create the financial future you imagine for yourself
  • Learn how to take full control of your financial affairs
  • Learn how to utilise user-friendly planning tools to stay on track and to plan for future events



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