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Take advantage of this awesome opportunity to accelerate your personal development and achievement to a higher level.

This workshop is ONLY for those people who have already attended Optimum Thinking Levels 1 & 2 and are wanting to take their emotional mastery skills and knowledge to the next level.

Continue to empower yourself to help you accelerate your achievement and sense of fulfilment for the rest of your life!

Remember real learning requires: 

  • desire to learn
  • intensity
  • practice, practice, practice
  • testing
  • accountability
  • review
At Optimum Thinking we want you to really learn the Optimum Thinking skills, and give it way more than lip service.


  • a review of the 7 Smarts of Optimum Thinking and how you can use them to activate your self-leadership and self-governance
  • powerful additional questioning processes to ask that create powerful paradigm shifts that reduce stress and boost your vitality
  • a focus on Moment Optimisation 
  • additional tools for your Mastery Toolkit including a review and additional format for how to develop your linking skills
  • what self-leadership and self-governance really are and how to develop both
  • really practical “stuff” you can use in all areas of your life straight away!

Optimum Thinking 3 - Moment Optimisation

... is a personal development program focused on assisting YOU to Empower Your Own Life. 


All participants receive a 
personal workbook.


Please Note:  You must have attended Optimum Thinking 1 & 2 to enrol.

The first 2 workshops contained the major theories and introductory skills – this one is all about the next level that takes things to a deeper level of understanding.

This workshop is about helping you develop your optimum thinking to create and achieve your inspiring life!

What can you expect from this 1 day program?

  • More vitality, clarity of vision and sense of purpose
  • A new resourceful way to approach challenges at work and in life
  • A clearer mind and strategies for stopping "brain junk"
  • A feeling of freedom from your burdens
  • A chance to interact and learn from like-minded people who want to accelerate their results in life!

Event Details

Times: 8:30 am for 8:45 am start – approx. 5:30 pm finish

If you have any questions about the prerequisites, please CONTACT YOUR NEAREST OPTIMUM THINKING OFFICE.

Participants share the benefits they received from attending:

"Absolutely worth doing and trusting it will help you with something, maybe even something you didn’t know you needed! Lovely experience with Helene and Manmeet presenting to ensure you get as much out of this as possible. I have never experienced self-development work until now and I found that even “dummies” like me can understand and experience first hand empowering shifts in perception."

Neema Jagatia


The time, attention, care and wisdom that you have shown and shared has been humbling. I have been hiding for a long time now, thanks to Manmeet and Helene today I am a little closer to not having to hide."

David Naylor

"I have just had another day of great experiences that allows me to remove some of the unconscious setbacks I hold.

It seems we have a lot to do for others and ourselves in our life, let’s increase this community at least 10 times in the next 5 years."


"The magic wand exercise taught me that any “ideal” changes you wish took place instead of the actual event, would have (just as many) benefits and drawbacks too. This freed up yet more energy that was being taken up by thinking about “what if”. Thank you for making personal development work so much simpler and something you can do even without sheets.

Each time I finish a workshop I didn’t think the experience could be bettered, I assure you it always was bettered. The pure love that Helene and Manmeet put into the Optimum Thinking is so evident and their desire to help improve the quality of people’s lives is the reason why anyone looking to start personal development should absolutely do this seminar. Thank you so much for absolutely everything."

Gurpreet Rai

"This course is amazing, it’s hard to put into words, I have learnt a lot about myself, about universal laws and many other things, this course is value for money! I am feeling blessed to be part of this incredible course this weekend.

Thank you Manmeet and Helene and all my amigos.

Marcus Dogra


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