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We are conducting Optimum Thinking Level 1 and Optimum Thinking Level 2 workshops in London on the same weekend!

Take advantage of this awesome opportunity to accelerate your personal development and achievement.














Participants share the benefits they received from attending:

"Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring Level 1. It was delivered in the most understandable method which resonated so well with me. All of the content was delivered with optimum excellence and detail. I have learnt stuff in a few minutes which was not understandable for the last two years. I am grateful to finally understand how to balance my thinking." 

Sonny S

"Realising that I am where I am supposed to be “at this moment” in my life was my light bulb moment. This has allowed me to ease up on myself and enjoy where I am at with my life. Understanding how certain aspects that I don’t like and value in my position at work actually give me the skills to be able to support my family and friends which are one of my highest life values."

Kelley O

"It was a good opportunity to reflect on my life priorities and to think about how consistent the way I am living my life is with my life priorities. I particularly liked that the presentation was not overly slick and superficial, and that there was depth and critical thinking involved in your approach."

David H

"The areas I have lost empowerment and what that means to me going forward. I was lucky to have my wife attend also and to see her life priorities so I know what her drivers are."

Jason K

"Sharing this with my husband and the conversations that are continuing now with him and workmates around highest life priorities. Linking my highest life priorities to work has really changed how I approach tasks."

Karen S

"I really enjoyed the part about life priorities and understanding that we as individuals have our own. I did not know what values meant beforehand. It became clear when I attended this workshop.
I like what I found out about myself and to speak about things by breaking them down."

Raila C

"To see what my highest life priorities are at this point in my life and to realise that other people come from their own highest life priorities. And to then understand why and how these affect the way we interact with one another. That these can change as our lives change and we can address areas where we are not empowered."

Averil E

Want to learn what we should have been taught at school about Emotions, Relationships and Achievement?

Want to learn to develop your stress resilience and conflict resolution skills?

Want to understand The Secret Master Key that unlocks your Emotional Code so you can accelerate getting what you want?

The fastest and most effective way to improve yourself in these areas is by developing unique Optimum Thinking skills and knowledge to increase your stress resilience and ability to set meaningful life goals in all areas and go for them!
Empower yourself today with knowledge and tools that will help you accelerate your achievement for the rest of your life!

OPTIMUM THINKING Level 1 includes:

  • the 7 Smarts of Optimum Thinking and how you can use them to activate your self-leadership and self-governance
  • how to gain clarity on what you really want in your life and how to achieve it
  • an in depth understanding of the Master Key to communication and empowering relationships
  • powerful questions to ask that create powerful paradigm shifts that reduce stress and boost your vitality
  • how to take your performance to the next level and enjoy work and life more
  • what self-leadership really is and how to develop it
  • really practical “stuff” you can use in all areas of your life straight away!

Optimum Thinking I - Activating Self-Leadership

... is a personal development program focused on assisting YOU to Empower Your Own Life. 

All participants receive a
personal workbook and
copy of The Inspired Life
Journal - 366 Days

Want to attend a workshop that shares new emotional mastery skills that you have actually practiced and understood before you leave the room so you know you will be use them again and again to get massive value?

Optimum Thinking 2 - Reality Dynamics

Optimum Thinking 2 is a full day personal development program focused on assisting YOU to Empower Your Own Life through learning practical, easy to understand tools you can use anytime strong emotion starts running your life.

Please Note:  You must have attended Optimum Thinking 1 or be a current Optimum Thinking coaching client to enrol.
The first workshop contained the major theories – this one is all about practice, practice, practice until you really get it on another level.

OPTIMUM THINKING Level 2 includes:

  • How to ask thought provoking meta-questions that explore higher levels of thinking and assist you to create empowering new meanings 
  • Find, analyse and change unresourceful beliefs that are holding you back
  • Powerfully connect what you do with your highest purpose to create more energetic flow in your life and improve achievement in all areas of your life
  • How to take the processes from Optimum Thinking 1 to a higher and more sustainable level

This workshop is about helping you develop your optimum thinking to create and achieve your inspiring life!

What can you expect from the 2 day program?

  • More vitality, clarity of vision and sense of purpose
  • A new resourceful way to approach challenges at work and in life
  • A clearer mind and strategies for stopping "brain junk"
  • A feeling of freedom from your burdens
  • A chance to interact and learn from like-minded people who want to accelerate their results in life!

Event Details

Date: 5 November and 6 November

Times: 8:30am for 9am start – approximately 5:30pm finish


2 Day Workshop 
Full Price  
 Early Bird if booked and paid by 23 Oct    
   Refresher - repeat attendee
1 Day Workshop
Full Price

Early Bird if booked and paid by 23 Oct

Refresher - repeat attendee

Note: 1 Day only is for people who can't get to both - these places are strictly limited in number and subject to availability.


H10 Hotel,

284 – 302 Waterloo Road



Catering: There are cafes nearby to purchase lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided. Feel free to bring a small snack with you if you wish.  Please don’t overeat as it slows your brain down!

Nearest Stations: 450 metres/0.3 miles Waterloo Station (Jubilee, Bakerloo and Northern Lines), 300 metres/0.2 miles from Lambeth North Station (Bakerloo line)

If you have any questions please contact Manmeet -  07763 838 180 or [email protected]

You will be redirected to our Eventbrite event for booking and payment.

Who is Manmeet Chowdhry?

Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry has integrated her extensive study of human behavior with her experience and knowledge of business management and sales to provide new technologies to empower individuals and teams to improve their performance and sense of fulfilment. Working both with individuals and groups internationally, she educates, mentors and facilitates their discovery of the true meaning of Love and Gratitude, both in their personal and professional lives. 

Manmeet has qualifications in the areas of Business Management and Human Behaviour.  These include BA Hons in Business Management, Demartini Values Facilitation and Certified Demartini Method Facilitator.

Manmeet is making a difference in lives globally as a specialist in universal laws empowering people to find the solution to their biggest problems and heal themselves physically and emotionally by teaching them to transform their perceptions, helping them to overcome their toughest life challenges.

Who is Helene Kempe?

Helene Kempe works with individuals and groups from around the world and also conducts workshops both within companies and for the general public.

Having trained and worked as a specialist educator for over 30 years, Helene has also held successful management positions for the majority of that time.  Her leadership, management, organisational development and marketing expertise coupled with her teaching and learning experience in the creative and visual arts, provides her with a valuable skill set that enables her to ‘think outside the square’ in business.

Helene is highly experienced and holds a number of qualifications in the areas of education, management and human behaviour. These include: a Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration, Diplomas in Teaching and Visual Arts, Associated Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC), Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Results Coaching, Demartini Values Facilitation and Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator.

"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself and others, and the actions you take."


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