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Optimum Thinking 2 - Reality Dynamics

One Day Workshop

What Others Are Saying

"Through Helene’s teachings I have learnt that for every negative emotion/experience there is a positive to that emotion/experience. I know now what it can do to hold onto an experience that you feel was not good and how it can impact on your life. Realising the positive learnings that went with this was invaluable and enabled me to let go of the baggage I was carrying for most of my life.

I have also learnt not to take on other people’s values and that challenges are sent by the Universe to enrich us and allow us to grow. I cannot thank Helene enough for what she has taught me."

Marilyn Cook
Correctional Supervisor

Helene, I just want to thank you for running the workshop last week.  My husband and I really appreciated it and already we have seen positive changes in our relationship and within ourselves. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it, but some great opportunities for my business have also arisen which could lead to more income!  It was totally worth committing the time to attend the one day workshop.

You did an amazing job and I’ll definitely continue to use the processes we learnt whenever I experience a charge. Well done!

Nicole Clemow
Money Toolkits

"I have now reached the realisation that I have been seeking the wrong thing in my life for happiness — and that it is not the high that will give me happiness, but the equilibrium."

Belinda Cunningham
Brisbane Registered Training Organisation

"A powerful process to open my heart on another level with all the people in my life."

Winton Flesser
K2 Base Camp & K2 Odyssey

Want to attend a workshop that shares new emotional mastery skills that you have actually practiced and understood before you leave the room so you know you will be use them again and again to get massive value?

Optimum Thinking 2 - Reality Dynamics

Optimum Thinking 2 is a full day personal development program focused on assisting YOU to Empower Your Own Life through learning practical, easy to understand tools you can use anytime strong emotion starts running your life.

Please Note:  You must have attended Optimum Thinking I or be a current Optimum Thinking coaching client to enrol.
The first workshop contained the major theories – this one is all about practice, practice, practice until you really get it on another level.


  • How to ask thought provoking meta-questions that explore higher levels of thinking and assist you to create empowering new meanings 
  • Find, analyse and change unresourceful beliefs that are holding you back
  • Powerfully connect what you do with your highest purpose to create more energetic flow in your life and improve achievement in all areas of your life
  • How to take the processes from Emotional Mastery I to a higher and more sustainable level

This workshop is about helping you develop your optimum thinking to create and achieve your inspiring life!

All participants will be
provided with additional notes for your workbook. 
(Please bring your Inspired
Life Journal and workbook you received at
Optimum Thinking I)

What can you expect from the day?

  • More vitality, clarity of vision and sense of purpose
  • A new resourceful way to approach challenges
  • A clearer mind and strategies for stopping brain noise
  • A feeling of freedom from your burdens
  • A chance to interact and learn from like-minded people who want to accelerate their results in life!

This is the second full day workshop in a series of 3 and is the pre-requisite to attending Emotional Mastery III.

Event Details

Times: 8:30 am for 9:00 am start – 5:00 pm finish

If you have any questions about the prerequisites, please CONTACT YOUR NEAREST OPTIMUM THINKING OFFICE.


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