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The Inspired Life Journal - Live an inspired life through gratitude and conscious intention provides you the perfect medium to focus on what you really want to achieve in life.



The journal includes easy to follow instructions at the front and has planning sections for the year.  A quick plan update section is also included at the beginning of each month to keep your goals at the front of your mind.

It is an A4 day-per-page journal that is dated - having the date on each page helps you track that you are filling it in every day of the year so you can maximize your results.

The journal includes 366 pages (in case it is a leap year) and can be started on any day of the year.

The process is all about becoming conscious of what you are investing your time, money and mind power in each day to help you focus on your highest life priorities.  When you identify your highest life priorities and then invest your resources into those it makes a huge difference to how quickly you achieve your goals.  You also avoid allowing other people fill your time with low priority activities.

The most empowering way you can stay on your life path is to truly understand the power of gratitude and to practice it daily. The journal is designed to be easy to use, yet is a powerful way of gradually and consistently consciously transforming your life to achieve more fulfillment.

Daily practice is key to mastering your appreciation of life and most importantly, yourself. Each day has a section where you practise challenging your one-sided or stuck thinking to develop your more flexible and resourceful Optimum Thinking.

To make meaningful change in our lives takes conscious and repeated focus.  The Inspired Life Journal is designed to help you to create and sustain the life you choose.

The journal also makes a great gift for people you care about and want to help.

When will now be the perfect time to start creating the life YOU choose!

Amazon Customer Review:

A must have!

A beautifully presented journal which will change your life! If you are serious about achieving your goals then invest in this journal. You will be amazed at the transformational power of this journal.


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Orders for 10 or more copies are eligible for a discount.  

If you would like to purchase multiple copies directly from our London office, please email [email protected]

If your would like to purchase multiple copies directly from our Brisbane office, please email [email protected]

Orders for 10 or more copies are eligible for a discount.


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