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Relationship Coaching Programs

Relationship Transformation 


Are you and your partner frustrated with repeating unsuccessful patterns around communicating with each other?

Do your disagreements seem like broken records playing or a really bad Groundhog Day movie?

Are you ready to get real and dissolve the fantasies about relationships that we all grew up with?

Do you resent your partner for things they do and wish they would change a few things?

Would you like to learn what we really needed to know about relationships BEFORE we got into one?

This program is designed for couples who want to create a relationship that lasts and respects the needs and desires of each person.

The insights into human behaviour shared in the program empower you to see your relationship and your partner through "new eyes".

You will learn how to dissolve old resentment, frustration and anger that may be holding you back from building a meaningful, quality relationship.

Learn the art of loving and appreciating your partner for who they are and open yourself to being loved and appreciated for who you are in return.

This program is for couples who either want to work at their relationship to ensure it endures; or for couples who want to leave their relationship without regrets or guilt.

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Please Note:

These sessions may be delivered in person or online.

What Others Are Saying

"Thank you so much for guiding me through the process of understanding my true values and the Demartini Method. The process for me was very worthwhile, as I found it to be very clarifying, very liberating, and very enlightening. As a result, I have been able to move on from a recent relationship, feeling gratitude and love and not regret or resentment. Moreover, I understand myself more fully, and this will certainly enable me to experience more fulfilling and rewarding relationships.
Your coaching technique put me at ease, allowing me to feel comfortable in regard to sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings. And your sense of humour was a welcome bonus that allowed me to enjoy a process that I was initially quite nervous about undertaking. I would thoroughly recommend your professional coaching services to anyone that is experiencing difficulties in a relationship. You facilitate the removal of the "rose coloured glasses", replacing them with 20/20 vision, clarity and understanding."

T Wilson

"Great, thank you so much, you made it much less complicated to talk about our relationship than I had expected. Cookie says she now has reconnected with the person that she originally fell in love with. Back on the same page, same line.
It's a big break through and I am looking forward to our closer relationship.
Cookie had it in her mind that she was coming home to an empty house and didn't know what was going on which initially created a little tension. Once I relaxed and shared my new understandings, we reconnected and recommitted to our relationship and future together. Hope you can make sense of this as it’s difficult for me to explain my feelings and emotions in words."

J Frederick



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